Carlton Blues vs North Melbourne Kangaroo’s @ The Telstra Dome

Carlton Blues vs North Melbourne Kangaroo's

In most of the western country’s I’ve been, I try catch some of their local sports – especially as I dislike our national “game” so much. North America is top for family orientated sports (plus you can drink), loved the basketball, ice hockey and the baseball was worth a visit. When I got to Australia in May, I never got a chance to see any of the sports….

Returning a few weeks ago, it was still in the middle of their winter and therefore basketball was out of of season, I wanted to see my childhood team The Perth Wildcats but not this time. Their big winter sport is Aussie rules football, especially in Melbourne where most of the teams are based.

Melbourne isn’t short on sports venues, the AFL started here and therefore the games attract a huge crowd. On Sunday the 17th, myself and Marcus went along to the Telstra Dome to watch the Carlton Blues vs the North Melbourne Kangaroo’s.

I brushed up on the rules beforehand, 18 a side, four quarters of 20 minutes (which actually runs a lot longer), ball must be bounced every 15 meters. Passing via kicking or punching the ball, 6 points for a goal between the middle posts, 1 for the outside posts…

The match was really great to watch, a mixture of Basketball’s tip-off, rugby style play – without scrums and the formations, and some great ideas, I like the way the referee’s throw the ball in to play over their shoulder, saves a lot of time…

The match ended with the Blues on 90 and the Kangaroo’s on 141, quite a thumping….

I’ve since watched a few matches on Setanta over the last few weeks, shall be good to go to another game when I’m next there.