On The Road Again

So, further to my last round the world post, I’m now on the road once again – sitting in Seoul’s Incheon airport (which is super teched up, next to a free laptop area with bang up to date machines dotted around, along with free Wifi and Skype zones…) just off a 10 hour flight from Heathrow and waiting on my transfer over to Melbourne, another ten hours awaits.

So far I’ve learned, don’t expect check in staff to do their job properly – my bag was only checked in as far as here and not Melbourne, the staff did a good job (I hope) of locating it and have confirmed it has been retagged and will be on route to Melbourne, well shall see! Memo to self, always ask if bag is checked all the way though.

So the question is, what happened to my buggering off to Australia for an unknown length of time, a change of heart is about it, I was a bit hasty writing off life back in Glasgow, really love it there, realised that quickly when I returned and made tracks to make the most of both, so now I’ve got three weeks to go gallanting over to Australia, head up the Gold Coast, back to Melbourne and then home.

Shall keep up the blog with all the exciting and not so exciting things I get up to….

The End Is Just The Beginning

This trip has been a dream of mine for a long time, a year ago I made big steps to bring it to reality. Whilst bringing it all together, I spoke to many a traveller on where they had been, for how long and how it went. I was concerned how I’d cope with the time on my own, ensuring I went with hostels was essential for the social aspect, how long to go for was always going to be tricky, I settled on three months instead of six, which eased my apprehension..

Now at the end of three months, I’m happy I made the right decision, it was the right amount for this trip, it went almost perfectly and looking back I wouldn’t have changed much….

Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about the future, where I see myself upon returning, looking forward to seeing my great family and friends, but having trouble with going back to work, starting again and ultimately deciding that for now Glasgow isn’t for me.

So, I’ve decided I’m back for three weeks, then hitting the road once again. Many places appeal but all signs lead, for now, to Australia. Already knowing Stephen & Tracey and their funky possie in Melbourne, feeling familiar and happy that the city holds a lot of the things I like about Glasgow helps. But also the fact I’ve met many folk travelling either from around that area, or will be in and around the east coast. Combined with the nine months I have left on my Visa, it just makes sense. I’m planning on mixing it up with work and travel, seeing more of Australia than I have so far.

Scary times, but have to say I’ve not regretted putting that one foot forward.



Final stop of the tour was Singapore, everyone started to feel a bit sad about the end approaching. But alas no time for tears, things to see and do. Arriving at the hostel, we checked in and decided to go to the Singapore Zoo Night Safari. On paper it sounded good, night, safari and zoo.

Thinking it over, it was destined to suck a bit. You are loaded on to the trains that tour the park, to prevent the animals going mad, it was requested that no flashes were used, fair enough. But alas low light photos on a moving vehicle suck, really suck. We toured around, did some of the walks and though enjoyed parts of it (the tiger being fed beside the glass was a highlight for me) it was a bit pants.

We wandered the Orchard road area of shops, did a dull tour of the museum and then headed to the famous Raffles hotel to try a Singapore Sling, a very, very sweet cocktail (and rather expensive at a tenner a top). Worth trying, but I’ll stick to the tiger beer.

As people started to leave, I decided to explore the city myself and headed down to the Sentosa report island. Heading over on the cable car, I had my eyes set on the Luge. It was a pile of fun, rallying down the first time, I was quite restrained and by the third time almost had the luge on its side though a few corners, bashing little kids left right and centre, hah, great fun.

Me Pouring a Tiger PintNext door to the harbour is the Tiger Live museum, a nice little tour of the history, brewing process and a chance to pour a pint made it worth the entrance fee, plus I got a nice glass, if it survives the plane journey home…

Last night I met up with Cassandra and after a nice Singapore dinner we wandered the city, the pub and club scene here looks great, I was especially impressed with the Clinic bar, you sit in wheel chairs and hospital beds drinking… looks like a lotta fun. Bit quiet on a Monday night though, and as per Singapore, damn expensive – silly 40% alcohol tax.

Today I finished up by wandering around, went on the Singapore Flyer, their version of the London Eye. Wasn’t going to bother but since I walked past, it seemed rude not to. It was actually very good, nice relaxing trance music made the “flight” rather cool.

Garra Rufa eating my feetOn the way down, I decided to try some “fish reflexology” in the nearby building, the idea is you drop your feet into a fish tank and let the little Garra Ruffa nibble on your skin. At first it was really strange, like putting your feet into a jacuzzi. Watching the fish go crazy, it was hard not to pull my feet out, especially when they nibble under my soles… ticklish as hell! After a while it became relaxing and rather nice feeling, every so often a giant normal fish would come over and take a nibble, little bugger…

Rather enjoyed Singapore, good city, quite a bit to do but also a bit expensive. Sad to say goodbye to the travellers but have already plans to meet up with most very, very soon….. exciting times…