Am I’m off! Years of pondering, about a year of planning and many a discussion I’m on the first leg of my round the world 2008 trip!

I’ve always been a fan of travelling, my parents moved me and my sisters to Oz and back twice in the 80s and I think I just got a thing for airports and moving around. I’ve done quite a bit of holiday travelling since leaving College and a round the world trip was always something I wanted to do, I think missing out on a “gap year” after college was part of that, it never really occurred to me at the time to do such a thing (nor would I have had the bottle).

Since last summer, I picked up Lonely Planets Career Break Book and started to get this ball rolling, roll it did. First step was sort out financial ties, good timing, I didn’t have many…. next up, work. I always said when it came to taking my time out, I’d ask and resign if required – luckily my work were fantastic and gave me the time off I wanted. Now all that was left was pick a route and time.

I’ve been saving for this trip for years, so money wasn’t an issue (I say that now…) but it did mean I realised I would struggle to find someone else willing and ready to go, so on my own quickly became a realistic option. Reading many a book and website I found it’s not that uncommon and was quite encouraged to go for it. Quite a few of my friends have travelled and gave me the motivation I needed, the guide books just said pick somewhere easily to start with… therefore I’ve came west, over to the United States.

Having done quite a bit of the east coast and really loved it, it was time to move across the states. Chicago made sense for many a reason, O’Hare is a bit of a hub and easy to fly to, I’ve always fancied the city and I’ve never been.

My round the world ticket was booked, direct flights from Glasgow weren’t readily available, so I had to come via Heathrow…. Heathrow Terminal 5. A phone call received yesterday from Trail finders confirmed that a smooth start wasn’t on the cards, my flight at 9am was cancelled – I was put back to the 12:45 and therefore my next flight on American Airlines was too close and therefore I was bumped to a slightly later BA flight.
A quick check of the itinerary last night and it we noticed I was down as “Economy Plus”, plus you say..

I’ve travelled Business class, so was expecting Economy Plus to be somewhere between, maybe more leg room… Walking on to the plane, I was told “13E” was a few down on the right. Walking past the pod style seats I expected 13E to be a row… it was a pod, for me, a pod, nice.

I’ve never been on such a nice flight in my life, feet up, glass of wine (which I then in turn hit with my arm, smashing it off the side of the pod, spilling it on my jumper and the guy beside me, oops!) seat fully extended to a flat sleeping position, it was amazing. 8 hours passed quickly enough, hard to sleep for long when it’s the middle of the afternoon but I did my best 🙂 I was eventually turning down food and drink as they just keep bringing it – long way from Ryan-air I tell you.

A slow but decent train journey in to the city and I arrived at tonight’s Hostel, it’s a bit quiet so far – made my bed, came down to the TV room and they are watching Jane Austin or something, typical! Tomorrow I’m on the move to what I suspect will be a better hostel (it’s full tonight) and then will start my American adventure, may also call the airline and ask how much it would be to upgrade my whole journey to Eco Plus !

No photos yet, will start taking some tomorrow.

Oh yeah… I’ve changed my blog theme, which has screwed up some of my post layout’s, far too many to edit so I’ll just turn a blind eye I think.


As Heraciltus once said “Nothing endures but change”. I find myself quickly moving though yet another time of big change, in 20 Days, 21 Hours, 11 Minutes I’ll be on my first flight as part of my long thought of and planned Around The World trip.

I’m going to keep my blog going, a slight update is due (probably not much more than some graphic changes) and post the hell out of it as I wander around the cities, finding hopefully new and exciting things (TOKYO!) daily.

Currently I’m 50% excited and 50% scared, this mornings double dose of vaccinations were recieved – as per normal I went to hell and back, needle phobia will do that and had to get a taxi home as I couldn’t do the 10 minute walk.

Now ready to take on Hepatitis A, Tetanus, Ditheria & Polio – Malaria is next on the hit list.